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Take the 45-Day Challenge

If at all for any reason you feel our products have not offered you the health benefits you are looking for, simply return your empty bottles within 45-DAYS and get a FULL REFUND less shipping. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This includes all of our flagship products.

BODY BALANCE: One hundred percent natural liquid whole food. Brimming with every natural nutrient known to science in its non-synthetic form. In a natural form that the body can use. Body Balance delivers results you can feel.

OSTEOMEGACARE: Providing much needed calcium, essential micro minerals, essential macro minerals, and balanced fatty acids. OsteoMegaCare provides the natural ingredients required for optimal bone health and essential minerals required for every metabolic action and reaction in the body. The body simply cannot thrive without natural minerals.

FLEXEOPLUS: Full of concentrated ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroiton and ipraflavone all of which are scientifically proven to help improve joint health and joint mobility. If your joints are “stuck” give OsteoMegaCare and FlexeoPlus a try. They are meant to work synergistically with one another.

HERBAL BODY WRAPS: Originally created for detoxification. However, as a “side effect” people were loosing inches. Herbal Body Wraps really work and are refreshing in a warm bath as well.


This is our Guarantee to you -

We are in the business of your health and wellness.

This is something we take seriously. Because of that, we will never offer you synthetic vitamin tablets or synthetic vitamin capsules.

What we offer is Mother Nature's rich whole food nutrition.

It is no secret that modern science has revealed that it is NOT synthetic vitamins that do a body good, but quality, concentrated and natural nutrition is what the body thrives upon.

We have been in business for close to thirty years. An enterprise such as this only takes place if there are hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Not only do we service the United States, but we also have offices in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

It is satisfied customers across these continents that not only insure our success, but your satisfaction as well.

As the forerunners in natural whole food nutrition we would not give you or your family anything less. Nor would we offer you anything that we would not give to our own families and children.

We value you as a future customer and will do anything we can to help.



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When you choose AUTOSHIP, you will save some money on your orders. The autoship option means your products will automatically deliver on the same day every month. We certainly all can benefit by saving a few bucks these days. Not to worry, if you need to cancel your autoship for ANY REASON, it is as simple as a TOLL-FREE phone call. We do not have the standing we enjoy as a reputable company by charging our valued customers for unwanted products each month.


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