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Natural Liquid Vitamins

 The benefits of whole food liquid vitamins are a recent and welcome advancement of nutritional science.

The World Wide Web now boasts a plethora of information regarding liquid nutrition.



Within the last decade, a multitude of nutritional companies have switched over from producing vitamin capsules and have created liquid supplements of their own.

Why the liquid vitamin frenzy?

Is there any merit to liquid nutrition verses the standard vitamin pill or capsule the majority of us grew up with and are familiar with?

The answer, we think, is yes.

Those who manufacture liquid vitamins are relentless in their claims that liquid vitamins are much more absorbable than vitamin pills or capsules.

Some claim up to 98% more absorption that their pill form cousins.

We find this to be valid as our own experience has shown that those who have reaped minimal to no benefits swallowing vitamin pills over the years all of a sudden report positive changes with regard to energy levels, sleep patterns, positive mood changes, regular bowel movements, and an overall feeling of well being, after taking quality liquid nutritional supplements.

{mosimage}With continued positive reports after a switch to liquid vitamins in their natural whole food form, it really does not take a rocket scientist to arrive at the conclusion that vitamins in a liquid format may consistently provide a greater positive impact in the long run. The fact that liquid vitamins are free of the binders used to make capsules is a huge and valid selling point.

To produce a vitamin capsule, a manufacturer must rely on hard and sticky (if you will) materials to hold the capsule together. In many cases, a large amount of this material must be used in order to press together the active agents, the vitamins, into a capsule. This of course, reduces the volume available for the active agents.

One ends up swallowing a capsule that is a made up of a large majority of binding material. If the binding material used is of a cheaper grade, the body does and will have a harder time digesting and using the product. However, when using liquid vitamins, these concerns are null and void.

There exist thousands who simply cannot swallow pills or capsules, nor can they tolerate the aftertaste that sometimes occurs with certain capsules. Just trying to swallow a capsule results in red teary eyes, uncontrollable gagging, and sometimes a feeling of choking.

There are many who complain of an unpleasant after taste associated with vitamin capsules. On top of that, there are many who report that “burping up” unpleasant feeling after taking certain vitamin tablets. With liquid vitamins, the majority of these issues are non-existent as most liquid vitamins are just that, easy to swallow in their liquid form, and generally regarded as palatable.

As a health conscious consumer, it pays to get your money’s worth.

While natural liquid vitamins tend to cost a bit more across the board, the old saying, you pay for what you get does ring true in many cases. We believe this statement to be valid regarding vitamin supplementation as well.

A quality well formulated liquid whole food supplement can go a long way with regards to your health and wellness.

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