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Natural Vitamins

Natural Vitamins

A Big Consumer Scam

No matter how we try, it is absolutely impossible to reproduce in the laboratory, the natural vitamins and minerals required by the human body to stay healthy.

Because of this, we are going to be bold and come right out and say it. The vitamin industry is a multi-billion dollar scam. Period end of story.

Synthetic vitamins are simply chemicals. That is all they are. For example, the Vitamin-C that everybody is in love with and everybody has been conditioned to take is simply corn flour bound with sulphuric acid or some other type of volatile acid. That's it. Simply flour with a redesigned molecular form and stuffed into a capsule.

And unwary consumers are led to believe they are protecting their health with this chemical concoction. This hardly compares to the natural vitamins content of oranges with all their associated cofactors designed by nature to provide the body what it needs to stay healthy. Natural Vitamins

Let's talk about Beta Carotene for a moment. Beta Carotene is found naturally in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as mangos, papaya, yams and carrots. Significant levels of beta-carotene are found in leafy greens such as spinach and kale.

Beta Carotene is a naturally plant derived nutrient and is a precursor to Vitamin-A. While there are absolutely no side effects reported from natural sources of Beta Carotene, the synthetic form is a whole other story.

People should absolutely stay away from synthetic Beta Carotene as it has been found beyond a reasonable doubt that synthetic beta-carotene actually accelerates tumor growth in those suffering from lung cancer.

Studies have shown that the natural form of Beta Carotene has strong antioxidant activity in both humans and animals. Conversely, the synthetic form of Beta Carotene has no antioxidant activity what so ever. Synthetic beta-carotene also reduces levels of Vitamin-E in the body. Overall, this is a far cry from the natural vitamins the body requires to stay healthy.

Is there a Solution Available to Get Good Nutrition that is not Toxic?

You Bet There is! It is no secret that just about everybody needs nutritional supplements for one reason or another. We are busy, have hectic lifestyles and often can't cook or prepare the fresh foods we need due to time constraints.

It's no secret that organizations such as the American Cancer Society and The Diabetes Association absolutely urge us to eat at least five and up to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day in order to ward off disease.

NOWHERE and absolutely NOWHERE is there any research that says take fistfuls of synthetic pills in order to stay healthy. We will say it again. The synthetic vitamin industry is a multi-billion dollar consumer scam.

In order to stay healthy and in some cases even reverse the disease process, plant nutrients are required and have been studied extensively regarding their role in the disease process. It is irrefutable. Plant nutrients often referred to as phytnutrients are vital to human health and wellness. Natural vitamins via concentrated plant sources are what is needed.

Here Comes Body Balance to the Rescue.

Body Balance is a state of the art liquid concentrated whole food supplement. This is NOT a synthetic vitamin and is a 100% natural whole food supplement. Body Balance is not a high priced "fancy" juice blend (you can buy juice at the health food store) but a proven supplement loaded with natural vitamins and minerals as Mother Nature intended.

Over 6,000 health care professionals in four countries have recommended body Balance for over 25 years.

Body Balance is crafted with certified organic and kosher aloe vera juice and a blend of nine sea vegetables harvested in the deep clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Natural Vitamins There are thousands of research papers world wide that report again and again the immune system boosting benefits of aloe. Japan has a diet rich in sea vegetables and also the highest cancer survival rates in the world.

Sea vegetables are known for their naturally concentrated and high volumes of plant-based nutrients and gentle detoxification affects on the body as well.

Have you ever really felt any difference from those fistfuls of synthetic vitamins?

We invite you to feel the Body Balance difference. Give yourself the gift of natural vitamins.