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Aloe Vera Pills



aloe_vera_pillsAloe vera comes in many forms and provides different and unique benefits depending on what you are taking. You can purchase aloe vera juice which is the coveted liquid that spills from aloe vera leaves when they are broken or squeezed. The juice of the aloe vera plant can be processed into a jelly like substance. Simply called aloe vera gel. Aloe vera juice can also be made into face creams, moisturizers, sunburn creams, shampoos and body lotions.

Finally, aloe vera can also be specially processed and powdered to be placed in capsules or aloe vera pills. Keep in mind that when aloe is powdered, many of the natural and concentrated nutrients will be lost. However, aloe powder, if processed properly, does retain the immune boosting properties of aloe that reside in the natural polysaccharide content of aloe. While aloe is rich in thousands of natural healing components, it is the specialized saccharides that directly affect the immune system.

Top quality aloe vera pills have the potential to alleviate a plethora of conditions and symptoms. Research has demonstrated that the ingestion of concentrated aloe pills may indeed provide the immunological boost that most cancer patients require. It seems effective in this way by promoting the growth of non-cancerous cells and promoting the proliferation of certain immune system cells responsible for fighting cancer.

The use of aloe vera pills seems to have a profound effect on those suffering from HIV/AIDES. For many such patients, either a reduction in the viral load count is detected or the viral load has gone into complete remission. It is important to note that National Cancer Institute is currently testing aloe on an ongoing basis in order to try and determine clinical effectiveness across a wide array of individuals.

Aloe pills also show much promise for those people suffering from autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chrons Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. While not totally understood by science, the immune modulating effects of aloe vera are indeed recognized by some scientists, which is a positive move in the right direction given our environment of drugs, pills and other medicines. It would be safe to say that as far as science is concerned today, there appear to be no long-term side effects when using aloe vera pills. This indeed cannot be said for long-term prescription drug use.

The aloe vera plant has been with us for thousands of years and shows no sign of stopping. What our ancient ancestors knew innately and with out the benefits of doctors and laboratories is now slowly being proven via our modern day scientific methods. Now, hundreds of thousands of acres are dedicated to cultivating and harvesting the aloe plant. Each year millions of consumers use aloe vera products and millions of gallons of aloe vera juice are used in a direct endeavor towards natural health. That is health without side effects. There more people discover aloe, the more popular it becomes.

Keep in mind that aloe is a natural product and is most beneficial for those living a healthy lifestyle. The reality is there is no magic bullet, either prescription or natural product that will allow you drink, smoke, eat fast foods and live a sedentary lifestyle. While aloe vera pills have the potential to provide the majority with many benefits, those that will reap the most benefit are those who adhere to a healthful lifestyle.