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The Incredible Benefits of Antioxidants

The Incredible Benefits of Antioxidants


Antioxidants are extremely important to your body because they help fight off diseases and infections. It is possible to make sure that you get the benefits of antioxidants in your diet through eating fruits and vegetables. Usually, the more colourful they are the better. Especially red, orange, yellow's, and blues. Antioxidants can be found in a wide variety of foods such as beets, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, and fruits such as apricots, papaya, oranges, and berries.

What Happens When You Have Antioxidants in Your System?

A life without the benefits of natural antioxidants is unhealthy, and leaves your immune system without the necessary tools to fight every day illnesses and infections that we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. Benefits of Antioxidants

If you do not get enough antioxidants in your diet, then you make yourself more susceptible to:

  • The rapidly aging effects of your cells within your body
  • Increasing your sister debility and likelihood of contracting more severe illnesses and diseases, such as cancer
  • Increasing your chances of getting the flu, viruses, or other infections
  • Accelerated macular degeneration
  • Higher cholesterol levels leading to heart related diseases

In other words, the free radicals are basically allowed to steal the very life essence from your cells, and are more likely to be able to destroy them altogether.

Antioxidants are the protection required to give your cells the defences they need throughout your entire body, and each major systems (circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, etc, etc) against these damaging and disease causing cells.

It is extremely important to have sufficient levels of antioxidants in your body at all times.

Major Problem

In order to get the maximum benefits of antioxidants you would have to eat a lot of different fruits and vegetables, every meal and every day.

In today's time strapped society, who has the time to ensure that they are getting the three fruits and vegetables at each meal to provide a sufficient level of antioxidants for their body?

Let alone, the correct quantity and variety to have maximum benefit for their body?

Simple answer, most people do not.

Another thing is, if you do not get the right foods in the right proportions, it can also prove ineffective.

You can liken the healthy benefits of antioxidants to being part of your good army -- that is -- the reinforcements for your immune system. And of course, the 'bad' army, or 'enemy' would be diseases and infection.

If you do not get the right foods in the right combinations, it is kind of like having the good army in one section ready to fight the enemy (i.e., diseases, colds, flu's, etc) - but without the necessary equipment to fight them.

This is because all the tools are located in a separate camp. The antioxidants you consume are simply passing through your system because you do not have the correct foods to enable your body to utilize them.

Therefore, they are virtually defenceless against the bad army. And then so are you!

Major Solution

Benefits of Antioxidants Fortunately, there is another way. Body Balance whole food liquid allows you to get good fuel and good natural protection against a wide range of illnesses and diseases. It is a delicious, convenient drink and a broad-spectrum whole food fight against cellular invaders.

Body Balance provides the benefits of antioxidants in a delicious and easy to take whole food non-synthetic liquid.

No synthetic vitamins or chemicals ever.

Body Balance provides over 120 naturally occurring nutrients that are necessary for optimal health.

In today's fast-paced environment, Body Balance liquid whole food is a way of giving your body a real power drink with the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes your body needs in a naturally occurring format that your body will immediately absorb.