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Colon Cleanse Recipe




colon_cleanse_recipeIt is a fact that in our Westernized and developed civilization, a colon cleanse is highly recommended in order to augment good health. This is due to a plethora of issues to include poor diets full of processed foods, toxic environments, irregular bowel movements, prescription medications and unfortunately stress. It has been often said that death begins in the colon. While an old cliche, this is closer to the truth than one might think. If your colon is not clean and healthy, you cannot absorb the nutrients you need for full body health. The colon is the gateway to the body. Without a properly functioning colon, the rest of us is certain to be compromised.

When embarking on a colon cleanse regime it is best that you choose quality natural products. Harsh chemical laxatives and bowel purges are only a quick and temporary fix. The use of caustic agents usually leads to an even bigger problem. A colon cleanse is going to take a little bit of time in order to be effective and offer far-reaching results. For the most part, one should deeply consider a minimum of a 14-day colon cleanse. Severe cases of colon malfunction should consider a 30-day colon cleanse. If you do yourself this one little favor and make just this little bit of commitment, the positive health effects are far reaching for many.

To couple the colon cleanse products you choose, an additional colon cleanse recipe is highly advised. Be sure to include at least one tablespoon (ideally 2) of ground flaxseeds into your daily colon cleanse regime. Ground flaxseeds are a valuable source of fiber and will work wonders in helping to eliminate excess sludge from your colon walls. Next, you will want to boil spinach, mustard greens and turnip greens and drink two eight-ounce glasses of the juice per day. If this is hard to swallow, mix with some apple or pineapple juice. Another trick is to get some ingestible Epsom salts. Mix one teaspoon with 20 ounces of water or juice and drink. Make sure you do this only every third day and not on a day when you have work and other obligations. We promise you will visit the bathroom on these days quite frequently.

Our own colon cleanse protocol is extremely effective and provides excellent results coupled with your at home colon cleanse recipe. We include a gentle form of fiber which you will mix with water or juice. The intestinal tone fiber product is first and foremost on our list as when the fiber swells and passes through your colon walls have been cleaned. Next in the line of colon health are our herbal tabs, which are a specialized form of synergistic herbs that help loosen colon sludge. Finally, our activated charcoal is truly the star of the program. This product is derived of coconut shells heated at high temperatures.  Charcoal is used in hospitals all over the world to absorb toxins in people that have been poisoned or have taken a drug overdose.

Rest assured that a proper colon cleanse recipe can have positive results on health and wellness. Restoring this organ back to its natural state with natural products designed to cleanse and nourish the colon will result in a system that is able to function at an optimal level. While the colon cleanse process does require commitment, it is a commitment that is well worth it.