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Colon Cleanse Side Effects



colon_cleanse_side_effectsMore now than ever before, people are seeking natural health alternatives to either replace standard medical care or augment their current therapies. There are also many who are generally healthy and simply want to provide that ounce of prevention means a pound of cure adage to their already healthy lifestyle. Quite surprisingly, the interest in colon cleanses has experienced nothing short of an absolute explosion in recent decades and shows no sign of stopping. Overall, there has been a marked increase in the application of natural therapies as many are fearful of the long-term side effects of prescription drugs. Coupled with these fears is also the high cost of medical care that renders many unable to pay for standard medical services. And for those that are self employed or may not be working a job that provides health benefits, the monthly cost of private health insurance is staggering to say the very least.

Given that the colon is the gateway to the body, it makes perfect sense to make certain that this vital organ system called the digestive tract is given the benefit of the doubt. The digestive tract is responsible for natural functions that keep us alive. The food we eat hits the stomach and passes through a natural maze of biologic tubing called the intestines. Food eventually passes into the large intestine which is called the colon. It is the job of the intestines and the colon to separate the good from the bad. This vital body system is responsible for separating out the essential nutrients we need to stay alive and separating out the toxic waste products that are harmful to us. Toxins are simply eliminated via the regular excretion pathways of the body.

When looking for colon cleanse products, be very careful and only choose products that are one hundred percent natural. Part of the reason for doing a colon cleanse is to clean toxins out of both your colon and your body as a whole. It does not at all make sense to use products that are chemically based as it is chemicals that we are trying to get rid of in the first place.

Where do some of these chemicals come from? Just think about our food supply. We live in an era of convenience and processed foods. What seems joyful, delicious and easy to prepare comes with a price. Our ready made foods are tainted with unmentionables such as artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, anti-foaming agents, artificial colors, artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, anti-caking agents and other food based chemicals too numerous to mention. This in that of itself deems a colon cleanse on a regular basis almost a necessity for the majority.

There are many that may experience colon cleanse side effects while doing a colon cleanse. This is due to the intestinal and whole body detoxification process. While you may experience some minor adverse effects, do recognize this as being a good thing. This means your colon cleanse is working on your behalf, no matter how temporarily uncomfortable you may feel.

Colon cleanse side effects can include headaches. Other reports include excess gas. However, this is only temporary until the entire colon cleanse protocol is realized. Some people report profuse sweating. Sweating is another avenue by which your body detoxifies. Temporary diarrhea may take place. A sick nausea feeling is not uncommon. Some may feel an overall itchiness. There are others who may produce as much as five bowel movements per day. While it all may sound uncomfortable, these temporary side effects are usually a sign that things are working in your favor.

Whatever you decide to do, realize that a colon cleanse is a necessary staple for many. Without a clean colon, your body simply cannot function at an optimal level. The side effects do seem daunting to a few, but it is a minor paycheck for overall good health. If you are at all interested in full body health, a colon cleanse performed at least twice per year is a necessity.