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Over 6,000 health care providers agree ... that's different!

Liquid Vitamin Answers.com invites you to feel for yourself the amazing benefits of Natural Phytonutrient Rich Liquid Whole Food.

Stop a moment & find out why we say ...

"Liquid Vitamins are NOT the answer. Body Balance Liquid Whole Food is."

Health Care Workers
  • Do you find yourself lost in a maze of vitamins, liquid vitamins and other supplements?
  • Liquid Vitamins & Pills are NOT the up-to-date answer.
  • Did you ever "actually" feel any difference?
  • Body Balance Liquid Whole Food delivers results you can feel
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Body BalanceLife Force International is the forerunner in whole food nutrition and their flagship product Body Balance has been used and recommended by over 6,000 Health Care Practitioners for over 23 years.

Body Balance Liquid Whole Food is a delicious broad spectrum whole food phytonutrient supplement. This proprietary supplement provides over 120 naturally occuring nutrients that have proven to be absolutely required for optimal health.

Liquid Whole Food given as only Mother Nature can, Body Balance liquid offers naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes in their natural liquid format to include the following: 23 vitamins - 74 minerals - 3 essential fatty acids - 21 amino acids - 7 enzymes - nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

Body Balance liquid even provides you with dietary fiber.

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"With over 5 million quarts sold, the unique combination of certified and organically grown liquid Aloe Vera coupled with a proprietary blend of Nine Sea Vegetables has touched tens of thousands the world over!"
The magic of the healing power of Whole Food Supplements has never been more proven!
Synthetic and chemical derived vitamins are a simply the scourge of the many companies who try to treat you with better than less.
Whole Foods is what the body thrives upon.
This has been proven continents over in countries where customers are thrilled with our products such as Canada, New Zealend, and Australia let alone the United States.
The power of natural nutrition has never been better nor more recognized."

Standard liquid vitamins cannot even begin to compare to Body Balance, Natures #1 Whole Food Supplement.

 Body Balance is now available in both liquid and powdered form.
 Body Balance

You can take it wherever life takes you. Keep liquid Body Balance in your refrigerator at home -- and when you’re on the go, slip Body Balance Singles in your pocket, purse, car or desk.

You can even take them with you in your carry on or checked luggage when you fly.

Just like the liquid formula, these powdered stick packets are made with non-GMO ingredients and will support each of your core body systems. In addition, the stick packets are packaged as a single serving and are preservative free. Each Single pack is equivalent to 4oz. of liquid Body Balance.

You get DOUBLE THE BODY BALANCE. In the past we recommended 2 oz per day of the Liquid Body Balance to maintain your health and get what you need. In a recent breakthrough we were able to pack the equivalent of 4 oz into each single pack.

If your on the go, your stress levels are high, and your body pays the price. NOW just mix a single pack and get the POWER AND NUTRIENTS of 4 oz of Body Balance (Just what your body needs and craves). If you have tried regular Body Balance you owe it to yourself to try the Single packs.


Why Phytonutrients? "Simple. Natural Nutrients are essential for life!" ...

Why Phytonutrients?The American Cancer Society has heavily promoted the consumption of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are defined by the US FDA as natural nutritional elements that are NECESSARY for humans to live.

When referring to phytonutrients, science is not referencing the whole fruit, but the colored pigments that naturally exist within the structure of the plant.

Phytonutrients are currently under intense study on a global level, with scientists all over the world trying to crack the code as to why plant derived nutrition has proven to be so healthful to the human body.

The Greek word “phyto” means plant!

Did you know that folic acid is not a vitamin but is classified as a phytonutrient?

THE BIOLIQUID ADVANTAGE ... Liquids are highly absorbable ...

Before food or tablets can be assimilated into your system, they must first be converted into liquid by the digestive system.

Liquids are highly absorbable If a vitamin tablet or pill is made poorly, or if digestive difficulties exist, most vitamin supplements may pass through the digestive tract completely intact. Body Balance is a full spectrum natural whole food supplement that is immediately bio-available for use at the cellular level.
Expect to feel the Liquid Difference!

The Liquid Vitamin Answers.com Wellness Philosophy ...

You can nourish yourself all the way to wellness ... when the body gets what it needs ... it then has the opportunity to address its health challenges!

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natural sources nutrients from whole foodsith Body Balance and other state of the art Life Force International products, you get the best of both worlds; natural sources nutrients from whole foods and a highly absorbable liquid.

  • Your body has the tremendous capacity to heal itself and bring itself back into balance.
  • All you have to do is feed your body the right things.
  • Not any old liquid vitamin will do.
Phytonutrients available form aloe and sea vegetables "Closely related to disease prevention is the ability of the body's cells to function optimally ... Phytonutrients available from aloe and sea vegetables appear to provide a substantial amount of support for the intercellular communication and activity of all the body's cells"
Dr. Neil Solomon M.D., Ph.D.
The bottom line is ... "The powerhouse of natural nutrition that is uniquely Body Balance has proven itself over and over again!"


  • Intercellular Health
  • Metabolic Processes.
  • Sustained Energy Levels
  • Increased Cellular OxygenPh Balancing

Cool New Bottle

  • The BioLiquid Format is easy for Children & the Elderly to take.
  • Over 120 Naturally Occurring Nutrients are ready for Immediate Absorption
  • Body Balance is easy to Mix in Juice or Smoothies

.. Body Balance Tastes Great!

No More Gagging on Fistfuls of Synthetic Vitamin Pills!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP ... Liquid Vitamin Answers.com is supported by a qualified team of professionals.

Call toll free 1-888-294-5023 or simply email with any questions.

REMEMBER ... "Feel the Body Balance Liquid Whole Food Supplement difference within 45 Days
or your money back!"

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