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The Life Force International Story

Life Force International Headquarters

The Life Force International Story

It is not hard to see today that Life Force and its infamous product Body Balance is destined to be come a household name. Back in the early eighties, things were definitely different as this was a time when the “one –a –day” vitamin was a popular means of “insuring” that one got their daily dose of vitamins and minerals. It took significant vision to see twenty years into the future and realize that high-impact liquid nutritionals were the future.


Life Force International was born out of personal need and necessity. You would not think it if you met her today, but as a young woman, Gerri Hillman had serious health challenges. After seeing doctor after doctor, there seemed to be no solution. Gerri was going to have to live this way the rest of her life.

This did not seem logical or practical to her husband Wayne Hillman. He went on a mission to find or create a solution for this problem. At that point, Gerri had 3 small children and nothing seemed to relieve her health challenges.

This is how and why Body Balance was created over two decades ago. After Gerri’s positive experience they began to share this amazing product with as many people as they could. Wayne and Gerri knew they were onto something when over 6,000 healthcare professionals began recommending Body Balance to their patients and customers. This remarkable beginning was the foundation for starting Life Force International in 1996.

Life Force International is now a multi-continent business with a state of the art manufacturing facility distributing Body Balance and other cutting edge Life Force products across the globe.

Today, a world class management team is in place as the beginning of your future with Life Force International.

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