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Hoodia Powder

Hoodia Powder


hoodia_powderThe ancient South African Plant, called Hoodia, has proven to be a diet lifesaver for tens of thousands the world over. This is especially true for those living in Westernized cultures where obesity is indeed a huge problem. One of those most difficult parts of going on a diet is that feeling of hunger when we have reduced our caloric intake. In fact, the mind does play tricks on you as well. Just the word diet alone as it is processed through the brain brings about physical symptoms of depravity and hunger. This is one of the huge reasons that diet and weight loss plans fail. If there was a safe way to squash the feelings of hunger, it is certain that most would succeed on their diet regimes.

Alternately, we do have the options of over the counter and prescription diet pills. The main ingredient in most over the counter appetite suppressants is caffeine. The side effects of mega doses of caffeine are unpleasant to say the least. They can include a constant jittery feeling, racing of the heart, nausea and sleeplessness. This hardly deserving of someone who is setting out to loose excess weight in an effort to feel good, raise their self esteem and correct obesity related health issues.

To add insult to injury, most people are still hungry while taking these so called appetite suppressants. Prescription diets pills bring their sets of side effects to include nausea, restlessness, increased stomach acids, runny stools and racing heartbeats. Hardly worthy of one trying to take control of their life, their health and their weight. It is no wonder that the majorities fail on diet plans and just give up as the options are just as unpleasant as the extra weight itself.

In comes Hoodia. Hoodia is available in extracts, whole leaf capsules and powders. Hoodia has taken the globe by storm. With good reason, it works. Hoodia works by naturally turning off the appetite and hunger centers in the brain. This in turn gives you that full and I am not hungry feeling. There are only a small percentage of people who may experience side effects from taking Hoodia powder or any of its other forms. In those that experience side effects, they are minor such as sleeplessness, runny stools and stomach cramps. It has been studied that if a person can make it through three weeks of Hoodia side effects, they will soon dissipate and life continues as normal.

One might ask, what is the best form of Hoodia to take? Should it be Hoodia Powder, Hoodia capsules, or Hoodia extracts. This is difficult to answer as each person has their own unique system that responds differently to different forms of Hoodia. While it may seem an expensive option, it may be worth it to purchase samples of each until you find out what works for you. There are some people who respond more so to certain Hoodia options than others. AS far as Hoodia powder is concerned, one product we really like is Hoodia fusion powder. Hoodia fusion powder is not available in stores. It can be purchased via their website only. Hoodia fusion powder does suppress the appetite and claims a fat burning component as well. When purchasing Hoodia products, as there are so many on the market, only purchase a small amount until you are certain you have found the right Hoodia product for you.