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Hoodia Tea



hoodia_teaNever before as seen in human history is the need to loose weight in the United States. It is no secret that the USA stands as the most obese population in the Westernized world. The question, is it really our fault? Alternatively, is it the garbage that food companies have been feeding us for decades. As a result of this weight gain, we suffer record numbers of diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clots and strokes. These statistics somehow do not seem fair when compared to our less developed counterparts. Is there a solution to this problem? It seems that Hoodia may be the answer.

Hoodia is a plant that is derived out of South Africa. This arid climate gives us many benefits to include the Aloe vera plant and gives us the Hoodia plant as well. The healing benefits of the Aloe vera plant are now shared across the world and the Hoodia plant is no different. The Hoodia plant has been noted by many cultures as a constituent that helps keeps native African tribes quenched for thirst and hunger as they travel across the desert. Noticing that the natives required less food and were not uncomfortable because of the ingestion of the Hoodia plant, made modern science wonder if it could be a weight loss modality in the modern world. Indeed, that is the case.

Hoodia has taken the modern world by storm for its natural hunger quenching abilities. Thousands of people have lost hundreds of pounds as a direct result of ingesting Hoodia Tea. A most magical combination seems to be the ingestion of Hoodia tea and green tea simultaneously. Green tea benefits weight loss, increases energy, detoxifies the body and helps with brain function. The active components of Green tea provide a thermogenisis effect.

This means your body will burn fat. In turn, this will help increase your calories burned level, which in turn burns more stored fat. The bottom line: your stored fat becomes burned fuel. Green tea naturally blocks fat and carbohydrate absorption. This is a diet in that of itself. Green tea has no negative side effects of the more common over the counter and prescription diets pills. The fat burning qualities of green tea combined with the hunger squashing qualities of Hoodia are nothing short of a magical combination.

Hoodia Tea does not help you eliminate fat. It instead squashes your hunger so you are not inclined to take in extra calories. Hoodia affects the part of your brain that makes you think you are hungry. It simply turns the hunger center off. Certain studies show that if you take Hoodia tea, you will burn up less than one thousand calories per day. That equals two to three pounds per week and is indeed a huge amount of weight loss. Green Tea and Hoodia Tea used together can result in a huge amount of pounds of lost. These supplements coupled with a decent diet and some moderate exercise will provide you with safe, easy and effective weight loss.