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Natural Colon Cleanse Recipe



natural_colon_cleanse_recipeUnfortunately, it is a fact that the majority of people in westernized cultures would benefit greatly from a colon cleanse. Our diets are less than perfect and full of junk and processed foods that the body was never meant to thrive upon. Rest assured "food items" such as pizza, burgers, French fries, cakes, cookies, microwave TV dinners and other convenience foods do nothing to promote a healthy colon. Let alone a healthy lifestyle. It is year after year of these processed and synthetic foods that cause a colon to be dirty and otherwise backed up. The colon is no different from the pipes in your house. In order to maintain good health and proper function, it must be regularly cleaned out as well.

Because of this unhealthy lifestyle,  rest assured that your colon is carrying extra weight and poundage on your behalf. This extra sludge that lines your colon absolutely pollutes your whole system. This puts your body in a position where it is sitting toxic and is unable to absorb the real and natural nutrients it needs to stay well. This is definitely not a place we want to be in. Given these facts, it is great you are considering a natural colon cleanse recipe to augment your health and wellness.

One of the best things you can do to naturally start cleaning your colon is very simple. Just add more fiber to your diet. Concentrate on a diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables and consume at least five servings per day. Our flagship colon cleanse product, Intestinal Tone is an easy and convenient fiber product that swells up in your system and helps to scrape colon walls of their excess and stored waste material. An excellent source of fiber to help you along is ground flax seed. Putting the both together will result in incredible results for most everyone. This is a most effective colon cleanse recipe.

Epsom salts are a wonderful way to augment your colon cleanse kit. Please be sure that you pick up the type of Epsom salts that you can ingest. Also keep in mind that the ingestion of Epsom salts does provide results very quickly. So please be close to the bathroom.

Finally, an important part of our colon cleanse recipe is the addition of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is made from hyper heated coconut shells and is important for absorbing toxins and chemicals from the system. Activated charcoal is used in hospitals all over the world.

And, last but lot least. With a clean colon, you are going to want to give your system life sustaining nutrients in the form of concentrated liquid whole foods. Our flagship product Body Balance provides just that. One hundred percent natural whole food nutrition that your body can thrive upon.

Body Balance is a specialized blend of cold processed aloe vera juice and nine sea vegetables. Body Balance provides over 23 naturally occurring vitamins, 75 trace minerals, 3 essential fatty acids, fiber, enzymes, oxygen and hydrogen for a power packed punch to your colon cleanse recipe.

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